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Confirmed: Original AT&T iPhone Exclusivity Deal To Last Until 2012

May 10, 2010

Finally; after years of conjectures we have a confirmation at last of how long will AT&T carry the iPhone exclusively in the US.

It's a pretty sweet deal for AT&T apparently. As according to the legal documents found by Engadget, Apple signed the iPhone over to them for five entire years. Needless to say that unless this part of the contract was changed since, which nothing seems to point at, the first iPhone Verizon might consider getting will be the 6G; or whatever it'll be called. So get used to your network, 'cause you ain't going nowhere.

Here is how Apple revealed itself:

There was widespread disclosure of [AT&T's] five-year exclusivity and no suggestion by Apple or anyone else that iPhones would become unlocked after two years... Moreover, it is sheer speculation – and illogical – that failing to disclose the five-year exclusivity term would produce monopoly power...

Do you really mind, or can you get over it?

[via Engadget]

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