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Eye Illusions Update Adds New Categories And Videos

May 25, 2010

Apalon's hit iPhone optical illusions app, Eye Illusions, recently received a large update that adds loads of new content, including video illusions that will boggle the mind. Eye Illusions v1.2 contains over 100 images, most of which are meant to amaze and some simply to test your vision.  Eye Illusions v1.2 features two brand new categories: Color Illusions and 3D Illusions.  Color Illusions features 10 images, and 3D Illusions features eight. On top of new image categories, the update also brings a new Video Illusions category.  The Video Illusions category features 10 brand new videos provided by the winner of the Best Visual Illusion of the Year 2010 Contest, Kokichi Sugihara.  Each video is about 30-40 seconds in length and features catchy instrumental background music to go along with the demonstration. Eye Illusions once graced the iPhone App Store's top five paid apps list, but has now tapered off a bit in popularity.  All of this new content should help propel the app back up the top paid apps list. Eye Illusions is available for $.99.  Check out our QuickAdvice review of Eye Illusions v1.1 to learn more.

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