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iPhone And iPad Apps Gone Free: QuoteDeck, Doodle Puzzle, Spaceballs, And More

May 26, 2010

Today's list of apps gone free contains not one but two doodle-style games, although both are very different in terms of gameplay.  We also finally have an iPad game gone free. QuoteDeck ($.99 -> Free): An ultimate quote collection for your iPhone or iPod touch. QuoteDeck features over 30,000 quotes from over 2,600 authors which range from athletes to comedians.  You can post your favorite quotes to Twitter or Facebook, or send them directly to your friends via email.  Quotes can easily be discovered via the app's powerful search function, and added as favorites for later viewing. The app is also extremely customizable with over 250 backgrounds and 100 table designs. QuoteDeck will be available for free until May 31st. Doodle Puzzle ($.99 -> Free): A puzzle game where you must place number tiles in order. In Doodle Puzzle, number tiles are randomly placed on a board and it is your task to rearrange them in numeric order.  The difficulty is that you can only move the blue number tiles, as the gray ones always remain stationary.  A swipe of the finger moves any one of the blue tiles up or down or side to side.  If that's not difficult enough, you want to do all of this in as few moves as possible. The game features five levels of difficulty, 100 levels, and online and local leaderboards. Doodle Puzzle is available for free today only (5/26). Spaceballs ($.99 -> Free): An orb launching game with a space theme. Spaceballs is a stationary orb launcher where the launcher itself stays in the middle of the screen like in Zuma.  The game is your standard orb launching affair where you must match three or more like-colored balls in order to remove them from the level before they reach a whole at the end of the trail. The game features four different modes of play, original music and sound effects, and online leaderboards. Spaceballs is available for free for the next week. Doodle Pubbox ($.99 -> Free) Another doodle puzzle game, although this one involves blocks instead of numbers. Doodle Pubbox has two distinctly different game modes.  One you are required to remove all bombs from the playing field by ramming your block into them, but your block must always run into something, otherwise it will fly off of the level and the game will be over.  The other game modes simply requires you to make it to the exit, but once again you must always run into something to stop your block, otherwise it will fly off of the levels. The game features three difficulty levels, 30 levels, and a wide variety of obstacles. Doodle Pubbox is available for free today only (5/26). iPad Only: Insanity X ($.99 -> Free): A puzzle matching game that's easy to learn but difficult to master. The game requires you to move and rotate tiles so that all of the outside edges of each puzzle are gray and all of the inside edges match in color.  Entire blocks of tiles can be repositioned by tapping and dragging, and colored tiles can be rotated within blocks in order to get them to match.  This is more of casual game since it contains no timer or leaderboard system. The game features a total of 60 puzzles spread over five difficulty levels. Insanity X is available for free for an undisclosed amount of time, so don't wait to get this one.

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