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Two New iPhone OS 4 Features Discovered: File Sharing And App Closing

May 5, 2010

iPhone OS 4 beta 3 arrived late yesterday, and very shortly after, two new features were discovered: orientation lock and new iPod controls.  But apparently the new feature list doesn't stop there, as Boy Genius Report has discovered two additional new features that will hopefully make your mobile lives a little easier. iPhone OS 4 will allow you to transfer files between certain iPhone apps and your computer, basically like iPhone OS 3.2 on the iPad currently allows you to do. For those who haven't done this on the iPad, it's pretty simple.  You will simply be required to plug your iPhone into your computer and sync with iTunes, click on the "Apps" tab, and then scroll down to the bottom of that page.  From there you can drag files to and from your iPhone and computer. The other new feature that was discovered is more like an improvement on a new feature rather than an entirely new one.  In earlier versions of iPhone OS 4 you had to tap and hold on each app running that was running in the background to get it to display a close icon in order to shut one down, which was obviously a large pain when you had multiple apps running.  Now in beta 3 when you tap and hold on an app, all apps running in the background will display the close icon and you can tap to close as many as you wish.  It's essentially like the tap and hold to delete apps function where each app displays the close button. As always with OS betas, these features may or may note make it into the final release.

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