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Jailbreak iPad Hack Lets Users Mount External USB Storage

May 8, 2010

Apple's permissive USB connection kit for the iPad can almost be seen as a provocation for iPad hackers of all kinds. I mean, the prospects of such an interface,slightly underutilized by Apple, are huge for those dreaming of hacking it for other purposes.

First in line, the possibility to mount external hard drives on the iPad via USB. It's not easy, as it requires a split USB cable because of power requirements, but it's still a nice first proof of concept. Let's just hope this is the only beginning and we can look forward to other cool hacks: a USB webcam anyone? Another realistic dream would be to make these hacks work on the iPhone, as well.

Here is how to do it (link) and video demonstration of how it works (youtube link):

Now you tell us, what would you like to plug to your iPad?

[via Engadget]

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