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Mobigame's Edge Makes A Triumphant Return To The App Store, On Sale For $.99

May 7, 2010

The legal battle concerning the use of the word "edge" in the App Store appears to finally be over.  After being pulled from the App Store multiple times during its lifetime due to a nasty trademark dispute and having to be resubmitted with all sorts of other edge-like names, Mobigame's Edge has once again returned to the U.S. and UK App Stores, only this time it's for good.
"The multi award winning game Edge is back on the App Store in the United States and in the United Kingdom," David Papazian, CEO of Mobigame, said via email.  "During one year we had to fight a fraud to release our game in the US and in the UK. Today the justice will take care of him. We fought not only for us, but also for other indies and bigger companies." "We were not alone during this year, and we thank all of you for all your efforts. Thanks to us all, the word "edge" is now free to exist on the App Store like on any other marketplace, and games like Mirror's Edge, Shadow Edge, Killer Edge Racing or Edge by Mobigame can live on our iDevices."
And now that the battle is over, the celebration can begin.  Edge will be on sale this entire weekend for only $.99 to celebrate the team's huge victory.  It's normally available for $4.99, so do not miss out on this one. For those of you who never got the chance to experience Edge, it's a puzzle game that requires you to guide a cube through 3D geometric landscapes in the quickest possible time by avoiding obstacles and traveling over moving platforms.  The game features 46 levels, three different control methods, an unlockable Turbo Mode, and 18 unique techno tunes.  It's definitely worth your time to check out.

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