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Steve Jobs Confirms Upcoming Printing Capabilities For The iPad

May 10, 2010

While the iPad was never meant to replace a computer, its lack of autonomy in certain situations is still a bit frustrating. For example, we shouldn't have to transfer over our files to a computer for such a simple task as printing.

Well, it might actually be just a temporary situation. Answering to an inquiry about it, Steve Jobs apparently confirmed that Apple is indeed working on it:

Dear Steve, Why no printing on the iPad? What gives?
It will come.

It's been rumored to appear in iPhone OS 4.0 since a while already, so it's nice to hear some more about it. I'm wondering however if it will only work over the network, or if they will leverage the USB camera connection kit for that. Also, hopefully it will work on the iPhone as well.

[via Macrumors]

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