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Steve Jobs On WWDC "You Won't Be Disappointed" - Why So?

May 24, 2010

Steve is back at it once again with his hyped email replies. This time asked about WWDC (due to start in two weeks), Jobs seems pretty confident apparently that he can still blow our minds. Here is the email exchange:

Bryan Webster:

Are Google taking the piss? I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow them out of the water?

F*ck the Google Android team :)

To that, Steve answered:

You won't be disappointed

Damn, that's just what we wanted to hear right? But what does he have that hasn't been announced or leaked yet?

Well in my opinion, it's of course not going to be earth-shattering, but still. One thing Apple hasn't announced yet for example, a given in my opinion, are Instant Messaging APIs. As you know, Push notifications came as a replacement to multitasking and their first purpose was to allow IM clients to stay connected at all times. When Apple announced multitasking and a set of APIs for it last month however, IM clients have been completely left out. Why so? Well, I believe Apple will be announcing on June 7th its own iChat client for the iPhone HD, which will pack backgrounding and video conferencing capabilities. They probably won't want to lock down the iPhone IM market however. So they will probably announce new ways for other clients to take advantage of these features.

Another point might be some deep integration between iPhone OS and Social Media networks like Facebook. There are lots of rumors about it, and tons of hints inside the iPhone OS 4 Betas. Also, Facebook is completely lagging lately and didn't even release an iPad app. We had the same discussion about Skype a couple weeks ago, only to discover they were actually just prepping stuff with Apple behind our backs. So it wouldn't be surprising that Facebook is just in the same spot right now. That's all I can think of for now.

Anyway, what do you think Steve might still have up his sleeve?

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