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Apple, Not AT&T To Blame for No Tethering On IPad

June 4, 2010

Just days after AT&T promised U.S. iPhone owners tethering with the upcoming OS 4.0 release, comes word that Apple is to blame for not allowing tethering from an iPhone to an iPad.  Confirming what Steven Jobs already said, but clearly assessing blame, AT&T has made it very clear that the inability to tether from iPhone to iPad is all Cupertino's fault.

According to Tech Flash:
An AT&T spokeswoman told us via email today that it won't be possible to tether the iPhone to the iPad to share Internet access with the Apple slate, citing the fact that the iPad doesn't have any USB ports to enable a wired connection between the devices.
No USB ports, no way to connect between two devices; makes complete sense. Well, perhaps Apple will eventually allow new ways to use the iPhone's data connection, via the USB connection kit or even Wi-Fi. In the meantime, we're stuck with the great MyWi or getting an Android/Palm with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities [Image credit: BGR]

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