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Apple Begins Urging Developers To Get Their iOS 4 Apps Submitted

June 11, 2010

Apple have now started emailing iPhone app developers, informing them that now is the time to submit iOS 4 compatible applications. iOS 4 is due for release on June 21 - three days before iPhone 4 is launched - and Apple are hoping to have the App Store bursting at the seams with apps ready for the new operating system.

Obviously this launch is particularly important because it brings the ability for third-party-apps to run in the background via iOS 4's multitasking (available for iPhone 3GS and 4 only, along with the latest generation iPod touch). We want more than just Apple apps such as Safari and Mail to be able to run in the background - which is why Apple are pushing for iOS 4 app submissions now.

We've also heard that getting your app to run in the background isn't that hard to do. In fact, several developers were able to have their apps ready to multitask on the demo units Apple made available after the WWDC's Keynote. For example, here's a video of Pandora running in the background on a demo iPhone 4 model. However, it's not all great. We've also heard that non-iOS 4 apps awaiting approval are seeing massive wait times as Apple are sidelining them in priority of apps compatible with the new OS, which is understandable (I guess). So, fingers crossed by the time you're downloading iOS 4 the App Store will be well and truly ready for you. Hopefully. [via TechCrunch]

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