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Apple: FaceTime Calls Won't Use Up Your Carrier Minutes

June 21, 2010

Good news for all you soon-to-be iPhone 4 owners: Apple has announced that its upcoming video calling service, FaceTime, will not eat into your carrier minutes. Which is great news. Apple explained:
The voice call ends as soon as the FaceTime call connects. The FaceTime call is over Wi-Fi so does not use carrier minutes.
This of course was not immediately obvious, as FaceTime calls can be initiated from within voice calls - and some anticipated that Apple would keep the voice call running in the background, just in case WiFi failed and the FaceTime call dropped. This of course would use up your carrier minutes. But it seems like this isn't the way Apple has planned for things to go. The voice call won't be running in the background, which will save your minutes. Of course, if your FaceTime call drops, you will have to redial. But this is a pretty small price to pay for free calls. So if you've successfully managed to pre-order an iPhone 4 (or are going to attempt to get one on release day), you'll be to enjoy FaceTime comfortably in the knowledge that it won't cost you a penny. [via Business Insider]

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