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AT&T Runs Out Of iPhones For Launch Day?

June 15, 2010

That's it folks, we've just been told by an AT&T rep that apparently, the carrier just ran out of iPhones 4 for launch day. In consequence, all orders placed from now will normally only be available between the 25th of June and the 5th of July.

We don't know yet how widespread is the outage as the Apple online store still seems to indicate availability for the 24th. Nevertheless, this might very well be the first sign that we're getting to the limits of what Apple can provide by launch. We're still awaiting a more official confirmation from AT&T, but our very own Ed Engstrom just got back from his local AT&T store where they confirmed to him that nobody will be getting his device before the 25th from now on.

If confirmed, this is quite a success for Apple to run out of units in just a couple hours. On the other hand, I feel the pain of all of you who didn't get around to pre-order yet.

Update: It seems like AT&T is not the only one having troubles. Apple UK is now also showing July 2nd as the delivery date.

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