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Hulu Officially Announces iPhone & iPad Availability [Update: Now In The App Store]

June 29, 2010

The Hulu for iPhone and iPad story has been in and out of the news for quite some time now. There have been: the constant rumors, the iPad arrival, the debacles around Adobe Flash, the arrival of Flash on the Android and so on and so on. Thus far Hulu on iPhone/iPad never really got past the status of urban legend. You'll be glad to know Hulu finally broke the silence and made it official; Hulu is coming to the iPad, iPhone/iPod touch.

The service is called Hulu Plus and while it won't be free ($10/month), it will provide you with the complete TV seasons of most everything you could dream of (besides CBS and the CW, I believe). It will work exclusively on the iPad, iPhone 4 and 3Gs as well as the 3rd generation iPod touch.

The launch date is not certain yet as Hulu will be slowly rolling out the service with a public beta (which you can actually apply to participate in) here. We'll keep you posted as to the official launch date of the full release version.It just hit the App Store.

What do you think about it? I think $10 a month for all my TV shows on the iPad sounds like a fair deal. Many of the shows are free online, but you pay for the extra convenience, right?

***Update, the app is now available for download in the App Store (link), contrary to what we originally thought, it actually gives you access to a whole array of videos without the need for any code.

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