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We've Used It: The iPhone 4's Video and Image Capabilities

June 23, 2010

Since the iPhone 4 arrived for some customers early, we are beginning to get a number of sample images and video from early customers.  Our own Jay Siegel ran out and took this wonderful photo above showing the iPhone 4's image capabilities.

Jay also provided this YouTube video, although we should note that the video-sharing site makes the video look worse then expected:

Another customer, who calls himself Loyal Moses, has posted an extensive collection of images and YouTube videos. Here is one sample that shows his iPhone 4's HD video capabilities (be sure to set the video to 720p):

Of course, most of us would rather be viewing a video of something other than cars moving by or plants moving in the wind, but you can clearly see that the videos created are a step up from those produced on the iPhone 3GS. Be sure to check out this site for more image samples.  Please let us know how your images and videos looks on your new iPhone 4 by sending us comments.

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