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Live Messenger Is A Hit On The iPhone - 1M Downloads In 5 Days

June 29, 2010

It's quite ironic to see how successful Microsoft is on the App Store. The Bing app, became Microsoft’s best mobile search engine across all platforms by volume of queries in under 3 months. Now it's the new Live Messenger's turn to shine. We were wondering whether anybody still chats "on MSN" when it launched last week, Microsoft just announced that the free app actually got a million downloads in just 5 days. As a reminder, it took an entire three months for the Bing app to reach this milestone. This success might be due to the fact that Microsoft went beyond the simple Messenger with this app and also allows you to "access your Hotmail account, view updates from your contacts’ Facebook, Flickr and MySpace accounts, and upload photos you’ve taken on your iPhone", which is a convenient bundle of features. Blasphemy you say? Some would claim it's actually more kosher than Gmail these days.

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