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Move Over Wired Magazine, There's A New Kid In Town

June 1, 2010

Early reports on the upcoming Popular Mechanics iPad application are very encouraging. A preliminary look at Popular Mechanics for iPad shows it has a look that's similar to some of the earlier magazine apps in the App Store. Going beyond the cosmetics, we find there are some significant features that differentiate Popular Mechanics from all the magazine apps that came before it, including the very highly regarded Wired and PopSci+. PopMech is a visual treat, it handles much like other iPad magazine apps, and it even includes fully embedded seamless videos that play right on the page and feel like an integral part of the magazine. The most impressive, key difference between the PopMech and Wired apps is a pleasant one, and it's the most impressive thing about the PopMech app: The Adobe developed Wired app weighs in at over 500MB, whereas the upcoming PopMech app is a very svelte 60MB. That's quite an impressive difference, especially on an iPad where storage space can be scarce. Other impressive features: The PopMech application updates the magazine articles automatically for free. For example, if any additional information comes to light after the magazine has gone to digital press, the new details will be displayed within the app. PopMech also allows for article sharing between iPads, which is another nifty little feature. The PopMech app is going to be one to watch out for. With about a month to wait, you’ve got plenty of time to free up the the little bit of space it will take on your iPad, and ready yourself for what looks like it could be the new king of iPad magazines. Move over Wired, in a month's time there’s going to be a new kid in town.

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