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Twitter for iPad Is On Its Way

June 10, 2010

Since Tweetie was purchased by Twitter and its iPhone Tweetie app was re-released as Twitter for iPhone, one thing has been missing: an iPad version of the app.  However, that is likely to change soon. As first posted by Infinite Loop, the man behind the original Tweetie, Loren Brichter  has indicated that an iPad version will be released soon. While there are already many Twitter-related apps available for the young iPad, including Twittelator, Twitterrific, and the impressive TweetDeck, an "official" Twitter app would be a nice thing to have, at the minimum.  Besides, one based on Tweetie would be immediately popular. Prior to being absorbed by Twitter, Tweetie's original iPhone app was the sales leader and had many followers, who reluctantly migrated to the new Twitter for iPhone app, or looked elsewhere. While there is no time-table for the release of the official Twitter app for iPad, one should be expected within the next few months.  For now, iPad users can post their tweets through other apps or expand the screen of the Twitter for iPhone app, which works just fine albeit without the clear resolution.

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