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What Antenna Issues?

July 26, 2010

Apple may be giving away free Bumpers, but the list of entrepreneurs attempting to make a buck on the iPhone 4 antenna problem continues to grow.

Fusion of Ideas has announced its “Goodbye Dropped-Bar Syndrome” promotion. The company produces side bezel pieces for the iPhone 4 which normally sell for $10. For a limited time, it's offering the pieces for absolutely NOTHING (you pay $1.50 shipping). Of course, there is a small catch: these pieces are part of the company’s larger “Full-Body Kit” for the iPhone 4. These sell for $35. Naturally, they hope that consumers buy the entire kit once they enter the store. I will say this: they look amazing!

Then you have Hifi3D, which is offering consumers an “Antenn-aid” which promises to make Apple’s boo-boo “all better.” Coming in six different colors ranging from simple gray to light purple, “Antenn-aids” are Band-Aids for your iPhone 4. These look very cool and sell for $4.99 for a pack of six.

And finally, the funniest of all “antenna busters” is the “End Call” sticker. You simply place the sticker on the bottom-left part of your iPhone 4 and watch your antenna issues go away! A set of four sells for just $4.00 and is available at Etsy.

Who said entrepreneurship was dead? If any of our readers have come across other unique ways to eliminate the antenna issue, please let us know. Send us a comment below.

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