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Apple Adds Four More FaceTime Ads

July 12, 2010

Apple has added four more iPhone 4 advertisements to its site - all of which push the phone's video calling software feature, FaceTime. Let's take a look: Smile

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Alternatively, you can check out the ads on Apple's site, by clicking here. So, what did you think? Were they cheesy enough for you? Personally, I think if one of these ads appeared on my TV screen, I'd be forced to change the channel instantly. And besides, did any of you notice: in nearly every video, the iPhone 4 is being held the wrong way? Nevertheless, it's interesting Apple is marketing FaceTime as a golden feature reserved for those "special moments." The company has attempted to create powerful ads which strike a chord with those both inside and outside of its current fan-base. Do these ads work for you? Let us know if they give you a burning desire to buy an iPhone 4 in the comments box below!

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