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Apple Rolls Out iAds

July 1, 2010

Right on schedule, today Apple is on its way to reinventing mobile advertising by officially launching its iAd advertising program. As a reminder, iAds is the new advertising service offered by Apple to its developers. The iAd program allows developers to easily put powerful ads in their apps. It's built into iOS4 and every ad is made by Apple. The goal of iAds is to: 1. Make high quality, compelling ads that users won't ignore. 2. Generate revenue for developers. It's US only for now and it's expected both the volume and the variety of ads will grow over time. Not only do iAds sometimes look better than the app that features them, they pay well. Every time you hit that bar to interact with the ad, the advertiser will get billed $2, 60% of which ends up in the developers' pocket. Not a bad deal. Have you come across any iAds yet? How were they? [Image Credit: Engadget]

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