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Autodesk Fluid FX Now Available

July 27, 2010

The graphics masterminds at Autodesk have brought their amazing photo manipulating skills to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with their new app: Fluid FX. Autodesk has been producing software for years and is responsible for some of the greatest Hollywood special effects. Now you can create these kinds of realistic effects in the palm of your hand with the Fluid FX universal app. Here is how Autodesk describes it:
"Powered by the Academy Award®-winning fluid dynamics technology from Autodesk® Maya, Fluid FX puts you in control of a real-time simulation using up to 10 multi-touch points. Shoot fire from your finger tips. Create ultra-realistic smoke that floats, falls, and flows with gravity. Warp, swirl, and ignite photos from your image library. Create amazing and hilarious warped pictures and save them to your photo library or experiment with realtime smoke and fire to create awesome imagery."
While you may want to compare Fluid FX to some of the other photo-distortion apps in the App Store, this is really much more. You get much finer detail, more lifelike images and a lot more control over the finished product.

Also, unlike those other apps, you can create and manipulate fire, smoke and fluids. You can also customize color, density and gravity as well as create an unlimited number of presets for repeat edits. Fluid FX even supports your iDevice's video output for display on a monitor or big screen.

For only $1.99, this is one of those wonderful pieces of software that makes the iPhone and iPad great. Download Autodesk Fluid FX today and impress your friends with your great graphic-design skills tomorrow.

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