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Craneballs Studios Announces Blimp HD For iPad, Monorace For iPhone

July 19, 2010

It has been nearly four months since Craneballs Studios have launched a new title for either the iPhone or iPad, but it appears that they haven't been slacking at all, just slaving away on two new titles. The first of the two new titles is Blimp HD for iPad, which is an enhanced version of the easy-on-the-eyes flying platformer by the same name for the iPhone.  The game will contain all of the same features and controls as the original -- tilt to steer, tap to elevate and drop bombs -- but with iPad-optimized graphics.  That's nothing to scoff at either since the iPhone version of the game is gorgeous in its own right, so we can't wait to see it on the iPad. Blimp HD should be hitting the App Store early next month for $4.99.

The other title Craneballs has been working on is for the iPhone, and this one is completely new, not just a remake.  Monorace is a side-scrolling racer where you will be required to avoid obstacles in an ever-accelerating environment.  You will be allowed to choose between three characters, each with their own unique voice, and race through 40 unlockable levels with the goal of achieving the best time, which can be posted online via OpenFeint.  The game will also feature an endless mode with randomly generated items, two difficulty levels, and five unique music tracks. Monorace should be hitting the App Store within the next couple of weeks.  Check out the gameplay trailer below to see the kind of fast-paced racing action you will be in for.  A screenshot gallery containing more shots of Blimp HD and Monorace is embedded below as well.

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