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Disney's TRON Game Hits The App Store For Free

July 18, 2010

Feel free to flame me on this one, but I know close to nothing about TRON. I reached out to Joe about it, but apparently we both have some serious deficiencies in our geekiness (or we're cooler than the average geeks). Anyway, the highly anticipated TRON iPhone game has just hit the App Store and is now available free of charge. I just gave it a short try and, indeed, it looks quite interesting. In the game you drive around a little tank and destroy things similar to mechanical spiders using a laser or rockets. All of this is wrapped up in a geeky retro package full of electronic sounds and fluorescent lights. There is even a multiplayer mode, so you can find someone to play with who is just as bored as you on this long Sunday. Trevor already tried it at the E3 last month, so check out his post to find out more. Lastly, the app’s description is written in binary. Will you be able to crack it? Give it a shot, and try to be the first to post the hidden meaning in the comments.
TRON by Disney is available in the App Store now, free of charge.

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