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Inexpensive DIY iPad Trixs

July 2, 2010

With a long Fourth of July weekend ahead for many of our readers, those that aren't into fireworks or feasting with friends might want to consider these great DIY ideas for the iPad. Both are ingenious, inexpensive, and way cool.

If one finds commercially available iPad stands too expensive, consider using a cereal box. Ryan, writing in The Cabbage Patch finds an empty box of Trix to his liking, as these photos show:

The stand appears stable and simple to put together. Yes, the multicolors from the Trix box really stand out. Glue or tape are extra and please, hold the milk! For iPad users longing for old arcade games, comes this interesting video first highlighted by Engadget. Using what appears to be a basic cardboard cutout and old video game controls, this user turns his iPad into a game of Mr. Do:

If you really like fireworks, this old standby will do, but be warned: it will cost you!

Feel free to send us your own DIY ideas for the iPad.  Leave us your comments below. Happy 4th of July!

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