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One iPhone 4 Catches Fire, Bad USB Port To Blame

July 9, 2010

Ambulance-chasing lawyers take note: one (yes, just one!) iPhone 4 has reportedly caught fire. According to Boy Genius, one of its “close AT&T sources” took the included photos of a burning iPhone 4.

Actually, it appears that a defective USB port on the device is what caused the fire. Although the iPhone in question definitely looks blackened, it's obvious that the USB cable got the raw end of the deal here. According to BGR:
"An Apple Store did confirm to our AT&T connection that this did appear to be a defective USB port and not some sort of user error. Our source went onto say that the phone bezel was extremely hot (obviously), and it slightly burned the customers hand."
While we feel sorry for the owner of the iPhone, we trust this was an isolated incident that won't be repeated anytime soon. If you want to see an iPhone burning entirely by design, check out this video:

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