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When Money Is No Object, Upgrade Your iPhone 4

July 4, 2010

The world-wide economic downturn doesn’t mean much to one iPhone 4 third-party designer. Russian "luxury communication device" manufacturer Gresso, has created an amazing case for the new Apple device.

Made with 18-karat gold and African Blackwood, the custom-made iPhone 4 backplate turns your $199 or $299 purchase into a masterpiece worthy of insuring.  The design includes embedded Swarovski crystals and can be special-ordered for December delivery.  Each design is custom-made and comes in a female or male-targeted design, priced at $3,500 or $3,000, respectively. Gresso promises shipment of an iPhone 3GS model this month. According to the manufacturer:
"Design modification of Apple iPhone 3GS and Apple iPhone 4 from Gresso. It’s the first time that 200-year-old African Blackwood is used in conjunction with 18-karat gold in classical iPhone design. The Male model is notable for elegance and noble reticence. Female version is realized with dainty engraving and Swarovski crystals incrustation."
I personally like diamonds, but crystals will do! It's never too early to think about that perfect gift for the special person in your life. Order your Gresso backplate today!

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