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Another Hint That An iPod Touch Refresh Is Coming

August 11, 2010

Often described as the "iPhone without the phone", the fourth-generation iPod touch is expected to be released sometime next month. Today, we've got a little bit more news on what will be included on the new device.

The Daring Fireball's, John Gruber, has confirmed that the iPod touch will include a Retina display and a dual camera. Just like the iPhone 4. On his blog, Gruber says:
That’s almost twice as much as a good iPod Touch, and if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras."
Of course, if you read regularly, you already know this. Still, Gruber is considered by some to be "in the know" when it comes to Apple news. His validation of this is important. Debuting in 2007, the iPod touch added the multi-touch graphical user interface to Apple's iPod line. Since then, new models have been released each fall. Apple has not announced a release date for the new iPod touch, nor has it even officially announced its existence. Still, don't we all know it's coming? It's only a question of when, not if!

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