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Jailbreak Only: Frash Added To Repo, Now Super Easy To Install

August 9, 2010

Anybody who's interested in jailbreaking their iDevice has probably already done so using comex's amazing JailbreakMe. However, not every jailbreak tweak is as simple as the actual act of jailbreaking itself. One such example being adding Flash to your iDevice, via Frash, until now. Previously, the process had been long and painful. Yet now, thanks to Frash's recent addition to the repository, installing Frash couldn't be easier. Here's what you have to do:
  • Open Cydia > Manage > Sources.
  • Edit Source. Add
  • Search for Frash, and install it.
Frash works on iPad, but not on iPhone 3G or 2G. And, if you have any issues, be sure to post them in the comments box below. Thanks to 9to5Mac for spotting this!

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