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Time Warner Is Making The Leap To iPad

August 12, 2010
With announcements coming almost daily from TV providers about forthcoming apps, Time Warner's take on iPad support seems to be one of the best. While we have seen apps that contain a few features like program guides or streaming video, we have yet to see a true all-encompassing app. Time Warner is promising that they will be the ones to deliver such an app. As mentioned on, and demonstrated in a series of YouTube videos posted below, Time Warner is planning for their app to ultimately give customers the ability to do the following:

1. Access the program guide. 2. Program their DVR. 3. Watch video-on-demand content. 4. Watch shows recorded on their home DVR. 5. Pause a program at home and pick up at the same spot on their iPad. 6. Run the app from anywhere with an Internet connection.

That list seems to encompass every major feature a cable customer would want in an iPad app. However, Time Warner's statements give the impression that some of these features may be a long time in coming. Obviously, Time Warner will face a lot of hurdles to get all of this working, particularly when it comes to licensing. They would have to find a way to keep Time Warner customers from merely sharing their account information with friends who would then essentially get free cable service. If you're a Time Warner customer, you should check out the videos below to hear the executives discuss their plans for the iPad, and even catch some brief glimpses of the app. Will bringing content like this to the iPad keep you as a cable customer, or will streaming providers ultimately win you over? Let us know in the comments box below.

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