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iOS Leads The Mobile Gaming Market

iOS Leads The Mobile Gaming Market

September 14, 2010
Here are some amazing statistics, which were recently announced by the folks at TUAW. There are currently 40.1 million people in the US playing games on one of Apple's mobile devices. Compared with the 77 million people playing games overall on all mobile devices, this is huge! According to the survey:
By comparison, Sony's PSP system only has an audience of around 18 million, and Nintendo's DS audience in the States sits at 41 million. We've talked about sales of all of those systems before, but the same survey says that while two-thirds of gamers will pay for games on traditional handhelds, a much smaller percentage will pay for games on the iDevices (only 45% on iPhone and iPod touch, and only 32% on iPad).
Considering that prior to the introduction of the App Store in 2008, gaming on iOS devices wasn't possible, these are amazing numbers. Since gaming is still the top selling category in the App Store, we'd like to hear from our readers. Which iOS games do you use most often on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad? Let us know by using the comments below. And, happy gaming!