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Steve Jobs: Apple TV App Store May Still Be A Possibility

Steve Jobs: Apple TV App Store May Still Be A Possibility

September 19, 2010
Way back, when we thought the new Apple TV might be called "iTV," we also had our bets placed on an App Store for Apple's set-top box. The idea involved Apple TV running a version of the iOS, meaning users could interact with their iPhone and iPad apps through their TV set. However, Apple's special event came and went. And, while we witnessed the launch of an upgraded Apple TV, Steve failed to mention an App Store for the premiered device. Yet, as MacRumors reports, this doesn't necessarily mean Apple TV won't be getting an App Store in time. In fact, according to a Businessweek report, Steve himself has stated that Apple TV could get an App Store when the time is right:
He tells Bloomberg Businessweek that when the time is right, Apple could open an App Store for the TV that could do for television sets what all those apps have done for the iPhone.
Most of us are already pretty excited about AirPlay - Apple's home streaming service. However, an App Store for Apple TV would surely serve to further increase interest in what has always been one of Apple's least popular products. Apple TV is currently available to purchase via Apple's online store for $99. The device will be shipping within two to four weeks. It includes built in Wi-Fi, Netflix and YouTube streaming, and comes with an Apple Remote.

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