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Apple To Adidas: No iAds For You

Apple To Adidas: No iAds For You

October 3, 2010
Steve Jobs was directly responsible for the recent canceling of a $10 million iAd campaign. According to the Business Insider, the Apple CEO wasn't happy with the direction Adidas was taking with its advertising concept. After a third campaign was rejected by the Cupertino, California-based company, Adidas pulled the funding. According to the report, Jobs being a "control freak" was the reason behind the cancellation. Apple, unlike other mobile advertising providers, likes to control the entire advertising process with its iAd program. While Apple has insisted this has more to do with the quality of the end product, it has definitely caused some problems for advertisers. In addition to apparel maker Adidas, Chanel has also recently pulled out of the program. The Business Insider contends:
In addition to Apple's unusual control over the ad creation process, advertisers complain about the lack of control over and visibility into where their ads appear, lack of third-party ad serving tools, and other issues. Apple plans to open up the process once it's more comfortable with the program, but it appears some advertisers have lost their patience.
Despite the reluctance of some advertisers to comply with Apple's iAd requirements, the program itself is gaining market share. As we reported just five days ago, the iAd program is expected to account for 21 percent of all mobile advertising by December (iAds debuted in July).

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