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Babies And Preschoolers Will Love EducaZoo

Babies And Preschoolers Will Love EducaZoo

October 18, 2010
Children as young as six months old will enjoy EducaZoo, which recently arrived in the App Store. Created by Mathieu Brassard, the universal app is for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The app is simple and amazing in what it does. It presents 88 high quality pictures of animals. In landscape mode, when your child clicks on one of the pictures, they will hear a sound of that animal. Included animals are ones you might see walking down the street like dogs or cats. Or, animals you would see at the zoo such as elephants and tigers.

In portrait mode, the picture and name of the animal is shown. Touching the picture will reveal the sound that animal makes and touching the name will pronounce the animals name.

EducaZoo includes words in both English and French. The app is priced at $.99 and available in the App Store now.

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