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Mobile Safari Got You Down? Try The 360 Web Browser

Mobile Safari Got You Down? Try The 360 Web Browser

October 6, 2010
A new browser has arrived for the iPhone/iPod touch. Digital Poke has created the amazing 360 Web Browser, which takes mobile web surfing to a new level. The most significant feature is something called 360 Arcs. Built on the Prodigy Engine, this gives users the ability to access a variety of functions with just a “tap and drag gesture." It works through a cool looking circle, as shown here:

Another nice feature is the Quick Access List which sits on the “About:Blank” page. Here you’ll see a graphical list of your recently visited and bookmarked sites. In addition those sites deemed “most famous” are also included. I’m not sure how the creators have determined which sites are worthy of this category, or if this list will actually change in time. Right now they include Google, Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist.

Another great option is the ability to change themes. The app comes standard with two theme options: Blue Edge (the default) and Jaded. You can also purchase additional themes for between $.99 and $1.99. These include Bling, Carbon, Blush and one called Historic Opus.

You can even install some nice plug-ins, including one to translate sites to English, and one that will allow you to share your websites with your FaceBook friends. There are currently 19 plug-ins, all available for free.

The 360 Web Browser also includes:
  • Tabs (which mobile Safari doesn't have)
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Bookmarks/History
  • Offline Mode
There is a lengthy and extensive learning section too, which comes in handy if you need to know how a function works within the app. This is very nice. If you’re tired of the mobile Safari app and want to try something new, the 360 Web Browser is for you. For just $.99, the app is available today in the App Store. I only hope the folks at Digital Poke make this available as a universal app for the iPad too!

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