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Unsocial For iPhone - Meet People You Really Should Already Know

Unsocial For iPhone - Meet People You Really Should Already Know

October 18, 2010
In 2010, social networks are everywhere: we've got Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, along with iPhone-centeric networks such as foursquare and LinkedIn. All of them aim to do pretty much the same thing: put you in touch with other people. However, an upcoming app called Unsocial promises to put you in touch with people you really should already know. As TUAW reports, the app is currently in its beta stages of testing. Essentially, Unsocial seems to cater more towards business users who are attending conferences or events. You tell Unsocial what kind of person you're looking to meet, and it alerts you when such a stranger is near. Clever, right? I think so. Say, for example, I'm over at Apple's Back to the Mac event on Wednesday, and I'm looking to meet a games developer, Unsocial will alert me when a games developer walks into the room. At least, that's what we're hoping this clever app will do. Once Unsocial has found somebody it thinks you should meet, you can contact them through the app's built-in messenger. We're not exactly sure when Unsocial is scheduled to be released, but we'll be posting when it is. So be sure to check back!

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