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The Go Try It On App Is Addictive Fun

The Go Try It On App Is Addictive Fun

November 5, 2010
Simple concepts are often the ones that appeal to the greatest number of people. Case in point: the website Go Try It On, which debuted earlier this year to a lot of attention. The site allows registered users to upload pictures of themselves and have others answer the question: “Do I look good in this?” Now, the site’s creators are moving the concept to the App Store with the new Go Try It On app for the iPhone/iPod touch. Users can upload photos to get an opinion, or give an opinion to someone else. Registration is required if you want others to rate your outfit, but this process is quick and pain free. You can sign in using your existing Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo! or Twitter account. From there, provide your: First Name, Last Initial, City, State and Gender. You also can indicate where you will be wearing the outfit. For example: to a job interview, date, holiday dinner or somewhere else. Finally, upload a photo from your iPhone and let the fun begin.

The service is free and private. In addition to only providing the initial of your last name, you can also blur your face in each photo if you want. The app is addictive, especially if you’re in the mood to offer opinions to others (and who doesn't like that). Ratings are set using one of two choices: "Wear It" or "Change It." Once you select a rating, you’ll see what others said about a person’s outfit too.

How big is the Go Try It On concept? According to TechCrunch:
While CEO and founder Marissa Evans declined to share the number of users the site has, she said that since launch in March, users have share 1 million opinions. And 80 percent of users are female, with 40 percent of traffic coming from outside the U.S. So far, Zara is the most popular clothing brand that is shared on the site.
That is a lot of opinions! The free Go Try It On app is available now in the App Store.

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