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Infinity Blade Set To Hit App Store December 9, For $5.99

Infinity Blade Set To Hit App Store December 9, For $5.99

November 30, 2010
The highly anticipated iOS game, Infinity Blade, is reportedly set to hit the App Store December 9th, and will be priced at $5.99. We first heard about Infinity Blade back when it was referred to as "Project Sword," in September. Epic Games premiered the iOS game on stage, at Apple's special event, in front of an astonished audience. Following this, a "demo" version of sorts was released, dubbed Epic Citadel. This iOS application simply allowed players to roam around an ancient citadel. However, the astonishing graphics demonstrated by Epic Games made Epic Citadel a popular free download. Since then, the release of Epic Sword (the full length game) has indeed been highly anticipated. Yesterday, Joystiq noted:
Shadow Complex developer Chair Entertainment is delivering its first stab at games for Apple's iOS, the sharp-looking Infinity Blade, on December 9. The Unreal Engine-powered action-RPG will be a universal app for iPhone 3GS / 3rd-gen iPod Touch forward and iPad, priced at $5.99.
This is great news for fans of iOS gaming. Epic Sword looks to be one of the best iOS games of 2010, and I for one cannot wait for its release. We'll be posting when December 9th comes around, reminding you to hit the App Store and seek out Epic Sword. In the meantime, if you haven't played with Epic Citadel yet, be sure to do so. And, we've embedded a video of Epic Sword's announcement below for your viewing pleasure:

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