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How To Quickly Fix The iOS 4.2.1 Disappearing Music Bug

How To Quickly Fix The iOS 4.2.1 Disappearing Music Bug

November 23, 2010
Yesterday, Apple released iOS 4.2.1; a great software update which sadly came with a pretty annoying bug. Following the update's release, several users complained that after updating to iOS 4.2.1, their iPhone's music library displayed the "No Content" logo, even though music had been synced to the device. However, several members of Apple's Discussion forum have discovered a solution. Here's the fix:
  • Plug your iDevice into your PC/Mac
  • On your computer, play a song which has already been transferred to your iDevice
  • Following this, sync your iDevice
  • Music should now be displayed on your iDevice

As TechCrunch notes, this quick and easy fix should correct the issue. You don't have to transfer music to your iDevice again; instead, your iDevice simply seems to recognize that there's already music loaded on. If your iDevice has suffered from this annoying bug, let us know if this fix worked for you in the comments below.