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Reeder Updated - Adds Facebook Integration And New "Slider Options"

Reeder Updated - Adds Facebook Integration And New "Slider Options"

December 1, 2010
The popular iOS Google Reader client, Reeder, has just been updated. Now, fans of the app can enjoy Facebook integration, and several new "slider options." Here's a full list of the changes, taken from the app's release notes:
New services:
  • Zootool
  • Facebook
  • New article list slider options: Slide left to "Send to Instapaper" or "Send to ReadItLater" (see>Reeder>Article List)
  • "Save to Delicious" with a YahooID!
  • Default recipient address for sharing via email (see>Reeder>Accounts)
  • Only ask once to disable confirmation for "Mark all as read" (can be changed in the settings anytime)
  • Missing images in the article view (should now recover when loading another article)
  • Improved support for items from "people you follow"
  • Crashes when viewing certain articles (
The new version (2.2) of Reeder comes following the first public beta release of Reeder for Mac. This long awaited Mac OS X app is now available to download. If you own a Mac, be sure to give it a spin. A couple of weeks ago, Reeder for iPad received the all-important update to iOS 4.2, which added some of the features above. Currently, the iPhone and iPod touch version of Reeder is available for $2.99, while the iPad version costs slightly more, at $4.99. Personally, I love both applications - and, now that a Mac OS X app is available, I'm even happier. If you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, I can't recommend these iOS apps enough. And, if that doesn't convince you, check out our review of Reeder for iPad. Thanks to MacStories for spotting this.

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