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Google Latitude Updated, Now Supports iPhone 3G

Google Latitude Updated, Now Supports iPhone 3G

January 23, 2011
The free Google Latitude iOS application has recently been updated, and now supports the iPhone 3G. While iPhone 3G owners cannot take advantage of "background location reporting," they can update their location on the go by simply launching the app on their handset. As Google states in the application's release notes, features of the latest update include:
  • Improved battery usage
  • Support for iPhone 3G (note that background location reporting is not supported by the hardware)
  • Fixed bug where Maps button didn't appear
  • Location Services icon will no longer appear when not logged in
Google Latitude first hit the App Store back in December of last year. After spending some time as a web app, fans of the service were pleased to see a native Google Latitude application reach the App Store. Personally, while Google Latitude is a handy app, I'm not a huge fan - mainly, because of the strain it puts on the iPhone's battery life. Though Google is attempting to improve this negative aspect of the application, background location updating is always going to have this effect. Do you regularly use Google Latitude? Let us know in the comments!

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