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Latest iPad 2 Rumor Better Not Be True

Latest iPad 2 Rumor Better Not Be True

January 13, 2011
Without giving away its sources, states the iPad 2 will be released either April 2nd or 9th in the United States. If true, this would follow (almost to the day) the same schedule as the first generation device, which premiered April 3, 2010. The site believes the device will include a Retina display, USB port, and two cameras. According to
Regarding the features, no surprises were unveiled - two cameras are expected, "retina" on the iPad won't mean same dpi-resolution as on the iPhone 4, but a display with no more visible pixels when used in [sic] "normal" distance. USB at last: the iPad 2 will connect to a USB port as its predecessor did.
If this story is factual, it isn’t all good news. The iPad 2 will only be available in the U.S. for the first three months, followed by an international rollout. Plus, it will only be available through Apple. Best Buy and Walmart (and other current iPad vendors) will have to wait three months before being able to sell the latest model. Select Best Buys sold the first generation iPad from day one. I'm not sure we can believe this report. First, would Apple really exclude other vendors from selling the device, even Best Buy? This is unlikely, especially since retailers have invested a lot of resources in recent months to establish special iPad areas at their locations. Second, I would think Apple has learned a thing or two about manufacturing the iPad. I would expect with the device's second iteration, the company would be better equipped to match supply with demand. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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