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QuickAdvice: Get Game Center Achievements For Photography With 100 Cameras In 1

QuickAdvice: Get Game Center Achievements For Photography With 100 Cameras In 1

January 25, 2011
100 Cameras in 1 by Stuck In Customs icon

100 Cameras in 1 ($1.99) by Stuck In Customs is a unique camera app from photographer Trey Ratcliff that allows you to earn Game Center achievements as you take and edit photos.

Camera apps are all the rage nowadays, but what if Game Center achievements were mixed in? It would make iPhoneography into a real life game. Meet 100 Cameras in 1, which, while the name isn't the best, is like Instagram on steroids and gives you actual Game Center achievements for doing what you love - photography on your iPhone.

100 Cameras in 1 lets you take a new photo straight from the app or import one from your camera library. Also on the main menu are options to view Achievements, various how-to's from Ratcliff and ways to send feedback, as well as a signup for the newsletter "for inspiration." There are some configurable settings in the Options and you can learn more about the app.

100 Cameras in 1 by Stuck In Customs screenshot

Going back to the main part of the app, the creating, is super fun. If you love using effects to see how any old boring photo can get a nice punch of life to it, then you definitely won't be disappointed with the available options in the app.

There are 10 groups of filters: Zen (all types), Gentle (people), Serenity (landscape), Longing (people), Anxious (world), Madness (landscape), Dreamy (world), Fantastic (landscape), Quixotic (world), and Daring (the beyond). Additionally, there are 10 filters for each group, so the app literally tells you that there are 100 "cameras" in this single app.

These filters are unique in that the developer actually created them from various textures. The entire texture can usually be seen if you adjust the slider to 100%.

The nice thing about all these filters is that they can be layered on, and there will be a different look to each filter when it's being applied on top of another. So you can add as many filters as you want in one editing session without needing to save and open up the saved photo to apply another filter. This is the problem with apps like Camera+ and Instagram - you apply one effect, then must save it and reopen it to apply another. It's nice that this nuisance can be eliminated with 100 Cameras In 1.

100 Cameras in 1 by Stuck In Customs screenshot

If you end up finding a filter that you like a lot, you can always tap the star icon on each to add it to your Favorites, which can be accessed by swiping the filter screen all the way to the left (like with the iOS Search function).

The app has the Crop Image on by default, which is very Instagram-like and all your photos will end up in squares. This can be changed in the Options menu, however, so that's a nice touch for those that dislike cropped images. Other various settings in the Options menu include social logins (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr), resolution size, Open in Camera View, and Sound and Music (I found this unnecessary and turned it off right away).

Now, you're probably wondering about those achievements. There are some achievements that can be obtained by exploring the various menus in the app itself. There are also others that you can get by using various filters in groups, or saving a certain amount of photos, etc.

Even if you are not one to care about Game Center achievements and the like, I believe that the amount of filters in the app make it worth while. I think that the developer should allow full size resolution (the biggest is 1936x1936) and more social network options (Tumblr, Posterous, etc). I would hope to see a much better icon in the future too (the current one is too bland).

For $2, you get 100 filters and endless possibilities. What's not to like?

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