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QuickAdvice: Never Miss That Cool New Album Again With Nomis on iPhone

QuickAdvice: Never Miss That Cool New Album Again With Nomis on iPhone

January 23, 2011
Nomis ~ the music release notifier by Taprockets icon

Nomis ~ the music release notifier ($1.99) by Taprockets is an app that notifies you of the latest release from your favorite artists.

Music is a wonderful thing. The music that you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch is probably some of your favorite artists, right? I know mine is. But as much as I love music, sometimes keeping track of when the new releases come out can be hard to remember. Sometimes I may not even find out about a new album until way later after it's been released!

Well, we are going to have no more of that, thanks to a new app called Nomis.

Nomis is a "music release notifier." It has only one purpose and it does it well. The interface is nicely polished and runs smoothly. It has that feeling that is similar to other music apps, like Attic.

Nomis ~ the music release notifier by Taprockets screenshot

Upon the first launch, the app will ask you if you want to enable push notifications (probably best to let it, so you can always be on top of new releases) and then sync with your library. This sync gathers information about the artists you have in your library and will compile an "Artist List." This will occur every time you launch the app, so the information will always be current.

In the Artist List, you can see albums in descending order of latest release. Nomis seems to pull only artists that have had recent releases, from even a couple months back. The date of the release will be shown on the shelf beneath the album. If any are ones you haven't checked out yet, they are marked with a "NEW" ribbon in the top left corner of the album cover.

If you're curious about an album, you can tap it to see a song listing, and are even given links to the iTunes Store to buy any songs or albums you desire. There is a quick preview so you can sample the tracks before buying and downloading them.

Nomis features badge icons on the homescreen that will inform you of how many new releases are awaiting attention from you. Now you have no more excuses to miss out on awesome new releases.

Nomis ~ the music release notifier by Taprockets screenshot

I do believe that the app only shows iTunes albums, since I noticed that with the Tron Legacy soundtrack (Daft Punk), I was only able to view the original soundtrack. There are several different exclusive versions of this soundtrack from different vendors that all have an exclusive song. But in Nomis, I was only able to see the vanilla soundtrack sans bonuses. The developer needs to make this more clear to the users to avoid any complications.

The other minor problem I have with the app is that you can only get the new release information from artists that you have on your iDevice. I have several thousand songs from various artists, and there is currently no iPhone big enough for my complete library (though there is an iPod Touch that can fit it all). I think it would be nice if the app would allow you to manually add in artists to get notified of new releases, since some libraries aren't able to fit on a device.

If you are a person that loves music and needs to know when you can get new music from your favorites, then Nomis deserves a spot in your Music folder.

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Nomis ~ the music release notifier
Nomis ~ the music release notifier

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