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QuickAdvice: 1TapAlarm+ Gives You Beautiful And Quick Alarms For Your iPhone and iPad

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1TapAlarm+ ($1.99) by Shiny Frog is an app to help you set up quick and simple reminders of upcoming events right on your iPhone and iPad.

We all have a lot of stuff going on in our everyday lives, right? Well sometimes it can be a bit hard to remember every little thing. Alarms are great and can help us remember that little thing that we had told ourselves to do only minutes, or even an hour ago. 1TapAlarm+ helps you remember those things that you said you would do, but get lost and forgotten amongst other priorities.

When you launch 1TapAlarm+, you're greeted with a well-designed and slick looking interface that features a turn dial and a digital countdown. Along the top you'll see three blank spaces for alarms - yep, you can set three alarms for whatever you need.

1TapAlarm+ by Shiny Frog screenshot

When you have an alarm slot selected, tap on the selected time on the dial - this starts the countdown. The dial features 30-second intervals, and you can spin the dial to add as many hours as you want. It's for those little reminders that we all need at some point. The button in the middle will reset the dial, and if you double-tap on the countdown (not the dial), it will pause. If you're in landscape mode, you can adjust the timer by swiping on the allotted slots. The reset button will be at the bottom, along with the button to pause an alarm.

You may notice that there is a little button featuring a microphone icon on the bottom left corner. This allows you to start recording a memo up to 30 seconds in length to be played when the alarm goes off (when you hit the "Memo" button, anyway). You can have a different memo for each alarm, which is nice.

When you get those alarms set, you can exit the app and not worry until the alarm goes off. When the notification comes, you can close it like you probably do with all your other notifications (I know I do) or you can tap the "Memo" button and you'll go straight to the app and the memo will start playing.

1TapAlarm+ by Shiny Frog screenshot

The Settings will let you modify settings for each individual timer. To customize the alarms, make sure the one you want is selected, and then tap the gear icon. You can set the alarm sound (8 sounds to choose from), customize your own alert text, toggle the ticker sound, and have a looping alarm. Fun fact: the ticker sound will continue if you still have the app open but your screen's auto-lock kicked in.

I found 1TapAlarm+ to be aesthetically pleasing and also provide a nice little utility that can be pretty useful. If there is anything that should be suggested in updates, I think it's just having more than three alarm slots. Perhaps adding a way to be able to scroll left and right to access your alarms would help for those that might need a bit more than three.

If you're looking for a quick little timer app to help you remember those small tasks throughout the day, then give 1TapAlarm+ a shot. There is also a free version as well, limited to 1 alarm and supported by iAds, if you want to try it before you buy.

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QuickAdvice: 1TapAlarm+ Gives You Beautiful And Quick Alarms For Your iPhone and iPad

QuickAdvice: 1TapAlarm+ Gives You Beautiful And Quick Alarms For Your iPhone and iPad