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Banana TV: Unleash AirPlay Now, For $7.99

Banana TV: Unleash AirPlay Now, For $7.99

March 21, 2011
Erica Sadun's AirPlay enhancing Macintosh application, Banana TV, is now available to purchase. The app allows users to AirPlay content from their iOS device to a Mactinosh computer, and it's currently priced at $7.99. Apple's AirPlay feature allows users to stream content from their iDevice to an "AirPlay enabled device," such as an Apple TV. In iOS 4.3, Apple expanded AirPlay's capabilities, allowing developers to add support for AirPlay in third party applications. However, the one problem with AirPlay is that you can really only stream video content to an Apple TV. Fortunately for Mac owners, Erica Sadun - who already has written a variety of AirPlay apps and tweaks - has created Banana TV. This very clever application allows Mac users to turn their computer into an AirPlay enabled device. As Erica notes on the application's official website:
What is Banana TV? Banana TV lets you use AirPlay for your Mac as well -play video or images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher directly onto any networked Mac. It runs directly on your Mac, and is a great tool for showing off pictures or video on your Mac's monitor, at a friend's house, or the office. Even use your iOS device photo library as a presentation tool.
Currently, Banana TV is available to download for $7.99. You can get purchase the application on Banana TV's website. And, if you're interested in downloading some AirPlay enabled iOS apps, check out the appropriate section of the App Store, which Apple added last week.

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