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GDC 11: Chillingo to Publish More iOS Gaming Goodness

GDC 11: Chillingo to Publish More iOS Gaming Goodness

March 10, 2011
Chillingo is one of the most proficient publishers in the App Store, and they had a slew of new games to show at GDC. In the past, they have published Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Minigore, Toki Tori, Guerrilla Bob, Ravensword, and so many more. One of the games below could be the next App Store hit. Anomaly: Warzone Earth

If you’re a fan of tower defense games you’ll definitely be intrigued by Anomaly. It really flips the genere on its head as your goal is to try to avoid and destroy the towers. The game is best described as a tower offense game where you play as the invaders. Imagine if you played as the Fieldrunners instead of placing the towers. Anomaly requires a lot of strategy as you plan your route through specific tower layouts. You have the ability to change your route on the fly. You have one squad and your goal is to lead it to the finish line. Every tower you face has special abilities and you want to avoid its strengths and take advantage of its weaknesses. Anomaly has great visuals with a futuristic feel and outstanding explosions. Anomaly: Warzone Earth is one to watch for as one of the few games in the pipeline with unique gameplay. The game is expected to be launched sometime in March. You can watch the trailer here. Blobster

Blobster is an upcoming platformer where you play as a red blob. You tilt to move and flick to launch Blobster around the levels. The game has all the traditional elements of a platformer with enemies, power-ups, hard to reach areas, switches, and unique aspects only a blob could take advantage of. Blobster will have four worlds as part of a lengthy adventure. The platformer genre is relatively sparse in the App Store, so if you’re waiting for one, look for Blobster in March or April. Feed Me Oil

If you like World of Goo, then take notice of Feed Me Oil, which is a game with a similar art style. Feed Me Oil is an upcoming physics puzzle game where you direct streams of oil to the proper bins. In each level, you’re given various types of items including platforms, fans, and oil magnets to guide the flow of oil. All the different items allow for multiple solutions to each of the 45 levels. The neatest aspect of the game is the physics engine of the oil, which causes it to react exactly as you would expect. Feed Me Oil really looks like a hit when in arrives in March or April. Painkiller Purgatory

The Painkiller series has been around for the PC for quite awhile and has always been known for blood & gore. In Painkiller Purgatory, you’re fighting waves of hellish foes that include gigantic bosses. To vanquish the enemies, you’re given massive weapons like a spinning blade gun and gatling gun. Painkiller Purgatory is bringing a first person splatter-fest to iOS that is for fans of not stop epic action with a 3D engine. Painkiller Purgatory hits the App Store tomorrow, March 10th. Quiz Climber

Quiz Climber is a social trivia game where you answer questions to jump higher and higher up a tree. You can view your friend’s best score on the way up the tree, and you can challenge your friends when you finish. The best aspect is that there are thousands of regularly updated questions, so you never see the same question twice. Quiz Climber will launch sometime in the Spring.

Storm in a Teacup

Cobra Mobile has made some great games by themselves. They partnered with Chillingo to launch their most recent game, iBomber Defense. Their next game is Storm in a Teacup, which is a platformer set in a dream world. It was my favorite game of all of Chillingo’s titles because it had such smooth controls and beautiful design. You simply tap to jump and tap the left/right buttons to maneuver through the dream world. The game had all the elements of a quality platformer. Every level contains keys that unlock new areas and the need to perform difficult jumps. Storm in a Teacup is expected to launch this Spring.

Overall Chillingo had a number of impressive titles to show that will be in the App Store relatively soon. Stay tuned to AppAdvice for more details about these games. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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