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Google's Instant Preview Lands On Mobile Devices Too

Google's Instant Preview Lands On Mobile Devices Too

March 8, 2011
Google’s Instant Preview feature is now available on mobile devices too. The service is a quick way to visually review the contents of a webpage by tapping on the magnifying glass icon next to your search results. The service, which recently debuted on the desktop, is available at It is already working in mobile Safari on the iPhone/iPod touch. It is expected to become available for iPad users very soon. The service will provide graphical search results in a total of 38 languages.

Instant Preview lets users visually compare search results from webpage snapshots, making it easier to choose the right result faster, especially when you have an idea of the content you’d like to see. Since you don’t actually leave the Google site, there is no navigating back and forth between websites and service results. Check out this video:

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