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Steve Jobs Might Make Appearance At Tomorrow's iPad 2 Media Event

Steve Jobs Might Make Appearance At Tomorrow's iPad 2 Media Event

March 2, 2011
Despite being on medical leave, Apple CEO Steve Jobs might attend tomorrow’s iPad 2 media event. This news comes from All Things Digital, which stressed Jobs' appearance in San Francisco is not yet confirmed, and might actually become a distraction. Assuming Jobs does emerge, the press will heavily scrutinize everything about his attendance. Apple fans and investors would welcome the CEO’s presence, but it could also serve as an interruption. After all, the event is not about Jobs, but rather the introduction of the second generation iPad. As reported by All Things Digital:
Given how innovative most of those products are, what would be a welcome change in the coverage of Jobs’s [sic] personal struggles would be to show a level of respect to him by paying more attention to what bells and whistles the iPad 2 has rather than to how his jeans are fitting.
Apple supporters are a unique bunch and their admiration for Jobs is well documented and appropriate. However, Apple isn’t about one man but rather its products. In the end, might it be better for Apple if its co-founder didn't show up? What are your thoughts? Should Steve Jobs attend tomorrow's event? Leave your comments below.

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