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This Music Video Was Shot Entirely On An iPad 2

This Music Video Was Shot Entirely On An iPad 2

March 16, 2011
Apple's second generation iPad probably isn't the most practical video camera, but that hasn't stopped Remedy Films from using the device to shoot a music video. In fact, four iPad 2 models were used to shoot the video for "NEED," by Eddy, and the resulting mini movie isn't half bad. Even though the iPad 2 isn't what you'd call a "professional video camera," it can shoot HD video at 720p. Recording the music video took around five hours, and editing took 12. As Remedy Films notes:
We knew it wasn’t designed as a professional videocamera in the slightest, so we would be stuck with whatever results we got. We probably shouldn’t have filmed in a dark setting, but it actually worked well in a “party” environment, plus it fit the song perfectly! We still treated the cameras as “professional cameras.” we had one mounted to a steadicam rig, one was on a Kessler Crane Cineslider, and the other one was on a DIY hand held rig. The fourth iPad was held by Eddy for a few shots of her singing and dancing.
However, as MacStories points out, Remedy Films did spend a total of eight hours getting their hands on the second generation iPads. Furthermore, it doesn't look like the group used iMovie to create the music video, which is a shame. Regardless, the music video does show the potential of the iPad 2's rear facing camera. We've embedded it below for you to check out - let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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