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America's Weird Laws - Really Guys?

America's Weird Laws - Really Guys?

April 16, 2011
Most people have differing opinions about laws that their state has put into effect. Maybe it's a tax hike. Maybe it's a new limitation on cell phone use in a vehicle. Having to follow these laws despite disagreeing with them can really be a bummer. At least they make sense though. In what circumstance or dire straits was the city of Pacific Grove, California in when it passed a law that molesting butterflies could result in a $500 fine? Or, since when was the city Boston in Massachusetts so prime and proper that two people are forbidden from kissing in front of a church? Sure some people can brush these off and say, “Hey, lay off! It was important to them at the time.” To these, I ask, “Why did Baltimore, Maryland forbid anyone from scrubbing a sink? It even stipulates that it doesn't matter how dirty the sink is.” America's Weird Laws app allows people to browse through the history of some of the strangest laws that were passed. Not only is the content itself funny, but there's a completely other level of fun in trying to figure out what must have been going on at the time to necessitate these laws. Sometimes, I can come up with a few gems of justification. Others, I just. . . I can't. I simply can't. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass of Kool-Aid, and read through some laws that are still technically in affect. America's Weird Laws is available at the iTunes store for the amazing price of free!

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